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Welcome to the website for Linacre Boat Club. First established in 1969, the boat club has long been a key part of the college's sporting and social life, and this tradition is still going strong. We hope that, whether you're a fresher (or existing college member) interested in finding out more about rowing, or a current or former boat club member who wants to find out the latest news and events, there'll be something on this site for you.

Currently Linacre Boat Club has two men crews and two women crews competing.


Swim Test

To be able to row all participants have to pass a basic swim test. This includes swimming 45m in shorts and t-shirt, then surface diving and swimming 5m more. Immediately after you must tread water for 2 minutes. Prior to the swim test you may only go on the water 5 times. If you fail the swim test you may not row in the University affiliated boats.


Our training involves a mix of outings and land trainings.

Land trainings include ergs sessions, circuits and weight training, generally taking place at Linacre’s gym.

Main Races

Christ Church Regatta

The Christ Church regatta takes place at the end of Michaelmas Term

Venue: The Isis


Torpids takes place during 7th week of Hilary Term

Venue: The Isis


Summer Eights

Summer Eights takes place during 5th Week of Trinity Term

Venue: The Isis


Other important races:

Women's Eights Head of the River in London

Men’s Eights Head of the River in London

The Abingdon Head

The Isis Winter League


Termcard: Michaelmas 2011

Monday 17th October (week 2) - Boat club drinks in Linacre CR
Wednesday 2nd November (week 4) - Linacre crew dinner
Tuesday 22nd November (week 7) - ChCh take-away pizza carb-loading and True Blue film night!
Saturday 26th November (week 7) - ChCh celebratory drinks
Tuesday 29th November (week 8) - End of term formal dinner


If you’re interested email the women’s captain or the men’s captain